Hi, I’m André Simões

Front End Engineer

Person developing and demonstrating their emotions by doing this.

About me

I'm a technology hunter and passionate for programing as a hobby. I have started my professional front end engineer journey building apps with React and Typescript. I love to contribute for open source communities, to explore new tecnologies and to follow accompany technology communities. My favorites hobbies is hangout with my friend, listening musics, playing soccer and playing video games

My main skills are React, JavaScript/Typescript and NodeJs. I also have skills in test automation, metrics like SEO and performance and others items with front end ecosystem. I have great experience in systems and products that need to be scalable and also with a large volume of data and access.



FrontEnd Developer

I have worked with a PWA called Dito Agenda, an application based on a sellpoint for each client that aimed to boost their sells. Utilizing technologies like React, TypeScript, JavaScript, Jest, Enzyme, Styled Components and others.

Jan 2019 - Jun 2019


FrontEnd Developer

I worked on two major music products in my country, Cifra Club and PalcoMP3, with Cifra Club being the largest music education site in Latin America. In both I had the role of developing different parts of the FrontEnd of the product, from structuring new components or features to improvements related to metrics such as performance, SEO and etc.

July 2019 - Fev 2021


FrontEnd Engineer

Working at one of the unicorn startups in Brazil our product was e-commerce. Working in a structural team, I participated in several decisions to improve the platform and the turn of the legacy application to a new one in NextJs.

Fev 2021 - Mai 2021

Grupo Boticario

FrontEnd Engineer

Working in the main front end engineering team of the company, I work on several demands in our ecommerce which is white label and currently serves several Boticario, Beleza na Web sites, etc. Acting concisely with micro front ends, I participated in the creation and structuring of several points of the product, from management platforms to the product itself.

Mai 2021 - Present


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